Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tale Of Twin Towers Aftermath

Sorry folks, been an age since I last blogged, the Orange Prize 2012 has been & gone & been won (by an excellent novel I might add);postID=8879252851882613719

 & I'm still finishing reviews of the long list, eeek!

Amy Waldman's "The Submission" has been intensively reviewed by people way better able than me to analyze & discuss the plot. What I've decided to do is to link you to a review which says everything that I would have liked to say about the novel had I only got the skill, & then I'll tell you what I thought of it as an amateur reader. Bit of a kop out I know but it does mean that you get to read a very decent review.

Here's the link to the  review by Kamila Shamsie :-

Hope you enjoyed that :)

I did like this book, it was very thoughtful & certainly made me view the events from angles that I wouldn't have thought to consider. I was particularly moved by the character Asma Anwar & her courage as she fought to ensure that her husband, who died in the disaster, was remembered & treated in the same way as all the other victims, despite being an illegal immigrant.
However, I was rather unconvinced by the ending of the book. I didn't believe that the character Mohammad Khan would have taken the route that the novelist took him down & there was a distinct sense of plot lines being slightly forced in order to dovetail neat endings.
So, all in all, I would recommend this & I will certainly be looking out for further books by this author.

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