Monday, 19 March 2012

Orange 2012 Number Two In Which I Cure A Financial Headache

The synopsis of "On the Floor" comes from Aifric Campbell's website

"Aifric’s latest novel, is set in the financial markets of London and Hong Kong and tells the story of 28-year-old Geri Molloy who finds herself caught up in a deal that will put her career on the line."

Those of you who follow Mrs W. over at 
will know that I initially abandoned this novel defeated by the financial terminology. However, I read the Orange long list to encounter literature I wouldn't otherwise attempt so, determined to overcome my aversion to all things stock market, I returned to the fray. This time I resolved to just let the financial stuff float over my head &  allow the story to unfold & I am very glad I did. As Geri pursued her career in this (to me) incomprehensible world filled with unpleasant &, frankly, downright creepy, characters; as her relationship crashed, as she drank more & more & became less & less functional I wondered again & again why she was allowing this to happen & why I was continuing to follow what looked like a story with only one ending. However, it is at the point that Geri goes on one bender too many & her whole life implodes that the novel took me to a place where I ended up rooting for her & understanding why she was where she was. I can't say that the book has made me love or comprehend the world of  high finance any more than I didn't already but I ended up cheering Geri all the way. I would recommend this book but be prepared to grit your teeth in places if the stock market isn't your thing.

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  1. i think that was the atttitude that I had to adopt with the Lord of misrule - stick to the story and ignore the terminology. Glad you got to the end!